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Gastrointestinal complaints

Do you have stomach or intestinal problems? Nausea, heartburn, intestinal cramps, irritable bowel or irregular bowel movements? At infusion Clinics, we help you through a comprehensive Booster Scan including an InBody measurement and blood analysis to identify possible causes. With a personalized Booster Plan, we aim to help you rebalance your gastrointestinal system and restore your intestinal flora! This will support you in improving your lifestyle.

  • BIG-registered professionals
  • In control of your own health
  • Professional and honest advice


At Infusion Clinics, you work on yourself preventively. Under the supervision of a team of doctors and nurses, we offer you various expert treatments for improving your appearance, gain more beautiful skin, become less fatigued, increase your energy levels, increase your stamina or sports performances. For a better version of yourself.
With our clinic manager, you schedule an appointment for a free intake. You will then meet with one of our infusion specialists for your personalized Booster Scan. During this comprehensive analysis we go through your lifestyle, complaints, expectations and questions. Also, we will always emphasize that everything starts with a good lifestyle such as a healthy diet, adequate exercise, and not too much alcohol. This is the foundation. A physical examination takes place where we measure your blood pressure, weight and pulse and during which we perform an InBody scan to look at your body composition and measure your visceral fat percentage (organ fat). We screen to assess whether a blood analysis is appropriate and can also draw blood right away and have it analyzed. To make sure you can tolerate an IV or injection we verify there aren’t any contraindications.
You come for your follow-up appointment. Your blood results will be known and we and our team of specialists will have drawn up a personal Booster Plan for you. You get an explanation of your lab results and what is possible in terms of supplementation. Based on your symptoms and lab results, we determine which infusion or injection is most suitable for you. In addition to advice on supplements, we will also give you lifestyle advice. This includes advice on nutrition, oral supplements, physical exercise, and relaxation.
The treatment will be performed. Based on the treatment plan, the infusion specialist prepares the infusion or injection. Then the skin in your elbow crease is disinfected and a very thin needle is used to insert the infusion cannula into the blood vessel in the arm. Then it is time to sit back in our luxurious treatment chair, enjoy a drink, perhaps catch up on the latest news and otherwise unwind. Afterwards, the infusion specialist will inform you about aftercare and schedule a check-up or repeat appointment with you. Then we will discuss the effect of the infusion or injection therapy and see if your symptoms have decreased. Depending on the outcome, you may be advised to undergo one or more treatments and we will monitor the effect of lifestyle advice.

In short

  • BIG-registered professional and honest advice

  • Professional analysis into possible causes

  • Geef je maag- en darmstelsel een boost en herstel de balans!

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