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Price list

Consultations and treatments can be booked separately. You can simply schedule an intake because you know what you need. Of course we will ask you medical check-up questions. If you want a more extensive medical check-up and guidance, you can choose for a Booster Scan and after 3 months a check-up appointment. All separate rates can be found in our price list.

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Booster Scan€ 360
Checkup€ 115

Iv booster therapy

Hydration Boost€ 140
Hydration+ Boost€ 160
Performance Boost€ 190
Performance+ Boost€ 230
Energy Boost€ 190
Immunity Boost€ 190
Health Boost€ 225
Detox Boost€ 225
Anti-Aging Boost€ 260
Premium Boost€ 290


Ondansetron€ 20
B12€ 40
B-Complex€ 60
Magnesium€ 40
Zinc€ 40
L-Carnitine€ 40
Glutamine€ 60
Vitamine B12 Energy€ 60
Vitamine B-Complex€ 80
Vitamine C€ 60
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